Aluminum/Porcelane White Board

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Puerto Rico Porcelane Boards – Series PR375

Specifications Color: White

Puerto Rico Porcelane Boards is manufactured with special decorative melamine resin modified with special additives to add the erasing properties to the laminate, also phenolic resin that supports the laminate. All of them are subjected to a high specific pressure (100 kg/cm2) and 1.35 o C(275 o F). Once the press cycle is finished, the laminate is trimmed following established nominal dimensions and sanded to provide more adherence when the adhesive is applied over the wooden surface. Our whiteboards is design to be use with Dry Erase and /or Liquid Type markers  that are made with erasability solvent base and designed to be used on  erasable marker boards. This board is not magnetic and the warranty period is for five (5) years.

8’ X 4’